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The mysterious fiches

>As far as I can tell (by examining as many cars as possible) it's standard on
>all TORSEN ur-quattros.
>I agree with your interpretation of the microfiche - as I posted here
>there are none of the cones/discs that one normally associates with 'limited 
>slip' implementations - the major feature is the sprung pin that seems to be
>centrifugally-operated detent.  Odd.  Research continuing.

Let's not for get Homog. rules, Phil.  If I was using a LSD instead of a
locker in some of my Group B or Group A Rallye efforts, I sure would want to
make sure both were available for order.  Could it be only 200 or so were
made?  Out of stock on the order ticket (or a forwarded order to Audi Sport).
Given NO Urq's came from the factory with a LSD rear, I sure would start to
wonder.  It's not the same housing as the 44 cars (for those thinking v8), but
I wonder if it might be the same as what Dave E may be driving.  

Hoever, my (94-96) RS2 Fiche shows "TorsenDifferential"  Listed as part # 01E
409 751, which is the front.  The rear shows a locker (#01H 500 040B) with all
electro-pneumatic actuation found in the later locking rears, NOT a Torsen.
Yo, Dave E, what do you have?

If it's in print from audi, it must be true?  I'm not convinced of that at

Scott Justusson