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Gunson's CO% metering, fuel burn meters and vehicle multimeters

Hi all,

Gerard wrote:

>Also, the NAPA store had a cool looking gimick. It indicates how good
>the air-fuel mixture is burning within the combustion chambers. You
>remove a spark plug and place the unit in a plug socket, then reconnect
>the HT lead, start the car. A viewing window on the top of the unit
>will change colour, a blueish colour indicates good combustion. The
>packaging indicates that it can be used with carb or injection motors
>and will help in setting in the proper fuel mixture.

Well, I've not used them before, but I know knowledgeable people
who use them regularly for getting exact idle mixture set on motorcycles,
especially older ones with non-ganged carbs (BMW's and Guzzis, primarily)

No reason they couldn't be used in a car, but just remember, they're for
short term use (don't leave one on a running motor for an hour) and for
idle speeds or a bit higher (useful for synching said carbs' throttle cables)
They also take a bit of experience, like any analog measurement (which color
certainly is) to read well.   They seems to be well trusted by carb guys.
In fact, Bing Carbs US agent sells those plugs under the color-tune label.

Anyway, that's my $.02


4ks and some bikes