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re: spark plug cover thingy removal (20vt)

>On the 20V turbo motor (the 91 200q at least) there is a black plastic cover
>that says "20V turbo" which covers the spark plugs and wires. In what could
>be the worst Audi design yet, this cover is held on with 2 metal screws with
>PLASTIC HEADS. Guess what happens If the plastic head breaks? Exactly.

Don't go doggin' on team door handle, now...

>Does anyone have and ideas on removing the screws from this thing? I guess
>gouging a slot in the remaining screw head is one option, or crush it off
>and buy a new one. Anyone else?

One of my plastic screw heads was similarly broken when, being a monkey, I had 
to look under this cover. The metal under-head was loose enough on mine to turn 
with a suitable finger from the top, but you might be able to get it with some 
smallish needlenose if yours is tighter than that. And for making gouges in 
things, Dremel tools are great.


Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 84k, one plastic-covered-metal screw and one non-plastic-c  
overed-metal screw hiding my spark plug wires from prying eyes, Taos trip 
begins tomorrow (direct via Moab, no Boulder side excursions)
1988 GTI 16v, 174k, bright blue plug wires uncovered for all the world to see