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Torsen thread

In message <09DB74475204D1119C8200805F19D003012A4873@aeromsg1.ball.com> "Lawson, Dave" writes:
> Phil,
> I spent some time last night looking through the euro ur-q fiche. The
> tranny section lists various build with both lockable center diffs and
> torsen center diffs. For the rear end, the ALZ code is listed under both
> the builds and goes over the build date split, so it started out as a
> lockable open rear diff. Granted the section heading does list limited
> slip, but when you look through the parts, it is an open diff with a
> locking gear. No limited slip internals to be seen(and for completeness,
> no torsen rear mentioned). And when you check out the workshop section,
> all the repairs documented for the rear end are performed on an lockable
> open diff.

What does # N 013 319 1 do for a living?  (item 11 in my drawing).

My workshop section (000.5147.60.00) also doesn't indicate any
difference - but it's dated September 1987, so this is no great
surprise.  My local dealership says the ALZ differential is a "return
to factory" part.  Tim at The Parts Department can't find any workshop
information specific to the ALZ.

There was never a TORSEN rear for the ur-quattro.

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