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Re: Audi crash: split into 3 sections?

Sean_Ford@idx.com wrote:
> I don't know where this happened, but this is how a conversation was
> started with me this morning at work in the elevator:
> "Geez, I hope your Audi doesn't split into 3 if it's ever in a crash."
> "What? I didn't hear anything about that."
> "Oh, ya, some kids were speeding in an Audi and ran into a pizza shop.
> Their car split into 3 pieces! I thought Audi's were built better than
> that."

	Yeah, I saw this on the news the other night.  It was a 90. The whole
rear section of the ar was in one place, the rest of the car was
somewhere else.

> I swear to God, that's how it went. Speeding, and ran into a very large
> immovable object. The *car* should have been built better. The conversation
> quickly degenerated into an announcment of the person's intentions to  buy a
> truck based SUV.

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