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100/200 torsens

>However the latter diagram also refers to "dissassembly/assembly section
>39-290", which clearly shows an _open_ (not Torsen) differential. Gadzooks!
my understanding is that ALL awd torsen center cars, save the v8 had locking
rear diffs thru 1992.  As of 1993 that changed to torsen (or locker, or open
w/EDL).  Might have been thought about, evaluated by the beaners, and dropped
too.  If anyone here owns or knows of a Torsen center with a torsen rear that
came from the factory pre 1992 (save the v8 dudes), please give us the
correction.  Save that, I think it's safe to say that the pre 1992 Torsens
have locking rears, Fiche and Bentley aside.  


Scott Justusson