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Hello to the list.

Personal stats:

Lived in Germany 1984-1991.    Future almost brother in law owned an Audi 80
(?).  Got passed at 160 mph on autobahn by Ur-Quattro in 1986.  Just bought an
'87 5000s for $400.  72,000 on odometer (although it's not working, I estimate
by condition no more than 80,000)  Has about $1500 worth of body work to do
(damaged front lt. fender, bumper, and lt.headlight assembly.)  Problems:
Leaking auto tranny (am trying a stop leak to see if it helps until I can get
it serviced,) standing oil on intake manifold (but seems to be holding oil,)
cracked rubber on idle compensator valve, digital clock works intermittently
as does AC blower, power locks inop, radiator leaking, turn signal auto stop
inop, power steering a bit tight (might have overfilled the hydraulic fluid,)
power antenna doesn't seem to move although motor works, muffler hung with
coat hanger and sounds like it might be starting to fail, and suspension seems
to need work.  Good things:  Rest of body in great shape (gray) with just
normal dings, interior in good shape except for headliner and a couple of
small burn holes in seats, only one small crack right by steering wheel on
dashboard, sunroof retracts *and* tilts <g>, all glass perfect, idles great
with only the minimum of start-up valve noise.

Have started spot checking the massive archives for advice.  If you wish to
offer some advice not covered within, I'd welcome it (especially about the
intermittent stuff or any apparent urgent attention needed.)  Also, I'm sure
that this has been covered a lot so if it has, just ignore it.  Assuming that
the suspension needs work and that I want to upsgrade shocks, springs, wheels
and tires, what is my best course of action?  Currently I have the puny
195-14s with factory wheels and covers.  Should I *start* with wheel and tire
upgrades (want to end up with 16s probably) and work backwards to springs and
shocks, or do the opposite?

Feels great to be behind German machinery again (I drove a new Opel Omega
[Catera] in '89-91 with great success)

Thanks for this great list.

(parenthetically yours)