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Re: S6 wheel specs?

As far as I can tell, the 95 S6 came with 15x7" 8 spoke wheels (800 602
025B). Not sure on the offset.


Jeff Maurer wrote:

> Can anyone confirm that the 1995 S6 Avant wheel size is: 16x8 with 45mm
> offset?
> I'm trying to locate a second set of wheels and so far are considering
> either the 16x7 from the A8 or the Borbet Type C or E (16x7.5 35mm).  I
> know that the Borbet's are not hub-centric, which makes me apprehensive
> to some degree.  There's nothing worse than an aftermarket wheel that is
> a poor match for the car...  ok, there probably are worse things.
> Any recommendations are appreciated.
> regards,
> Jeff
> jdm
> Jeff Maurer, Mgr, Service & Manufacturing Applications
> Information Technology
> In Focus Systems, Inc.
> jeff.maurer@infocus.com