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Re: "pulling" trunk codes


I don't have the stuff w/ me at home, but I'll have a look at the
service/repair fiche and manuals for the Torsen (MB/RR) Urq's tomorrow.
Does your dealer sell you factory repair manuals if you desire to purchase

I'll try to check with Audi Finland as to the existance of a lock (other
than the manual one) on any Audi rear diff other than the V8/A8 tomorrow.
The tech guy has been away in training in Ingolstadt and on holidays to
boot, so this whole thread I've had to rely on other sources...

BTW, Phil, what gearbox/diff codes does your car have?

Jouko Haapanen

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Date: 3. maaliskuuta 1998 18:30
Subject: "pulling" trunk codes

>In message <000201bd46b9$62419080$9e29d7c2@joukoh.vtoy.fi> "Jouko Haapanen"
>> To the best of my knowledge, there are no limited-slip diffs in the
>> traditional sense in any quattros.
>Take a look at the ur-quattro parts microfiche, where it describes the ALZ.
>All of the frames are quite clearly labelled "Limited Slip Differential",
>although I agree with you completely that what is pictured is _NOT_ what I
>normally understand by this term.
>Unfortunately, I've only got the drive train microfiche (016 gearbox) from
>- the year before the TORSEN and ALZ started shipping.  I've no service
>documentation for the ALZ - if you have some, could you give me the Audi
>publication number for the microfiche?
>I'd like to know how the ALZ works (and what justifies the 'limited slip'
>description in the microfiche) and, knowing how it works, I'd like to know
>other Audis have similar rear differentials.
>It looks to me like the ALZ is fitted with a simple detent (and before
>gets silly - this is in ADDITION to the standard externally operated lock).
>this is the case, the rear differential would lock HARD if the left and
>rear wheels developed a sufficient rpm delta.  No slip, no slide - BANG!
>it's locked.  And if that's how it locks - how does it unlock?
> Phil Payne
> UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club