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Re: 200 hesitation

In the earlier cars(5k's) there is an altimeter that controls the fuel
mixture located in the right foot well on the outer bulkhead,jut above
the control unit, don't know about the 200. If it's the same it can cause
weird things to happen.They rarely ever go south,but we had a 5k that ran
terrible when the a/c or heater fan was operating. Isolated the a/c &
blower motor power supply,made no difference. Eventually figured out that
the speaker system and surrounding sound insulation in the trunk would
not let the pressure out of the cabin and the car was trying to run like
it was below sea level(as far as the fuel injection was
concerned).Restored the air flow thru the cabin, and the problem went
away. Don't know if that will help with your problem,but I thought the
info might be helpful. BTW what tipped us off was that the car ran great
when a door or window was open.

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