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Torsen + EDL

Before we jump where Jouko wants to with EDL, let me first say that EDL might
well address some of the Torsen's shortcomings.  It has the ability to keep
the front from going faster than the rears (reducing MAX Trg to the ground),
but maybe NOT  or for the reasons you think.  EDL is the same as the torsen as
your track/slip gets really high, it senses wheel spin (just like the torsen),
slowing the front tires in relation to the rears.  UP TO 40mph.  The
information I have on EDL doesn't show it works beyond that.  I wonder why?
Could it be that the effect of what it does (when it's fooled just like the
torsen) could have undesireable consequenses beyond that?  And while you are
in the middle of that "intervention" and say the hell with it and hit the
brakes, all intervention stops (by the definition of EDL).   I can certainly
attest by the same torsen argument of Gen II,  that having an open rear AND
open front (which is what EDL has) could really be even more potentially
dangerous as speed increases.  So let's slow down both drive axles on the Next
chapter (pun intended) for now.

Right now, until we get a consensus on Gen II and Gen III Torsen, I'd rather
not address  Gen IV and Gen V.   Not my list either....

Jouko and Sarge, I urge a reduction in "Trg" regarding this topic.  Jouko, I
think Sarge was indicating a Gen II, repeatable technique to show the bite,
more than advocating doing so.  Sarge, I would urge some patience from you to
the nay-sayers, tho I might agree that to "not feel" the Tshift is a pretty
difficult concept for me to grasp as well.

To keep the record just as clear, I might discourage more emphatically,
Jouko's shared post regarding a clutch maneuver in mid corner.  Jouko
retracted that very statement in a later post, I hope everyone caught it.  Cuz
you better be really good if you think that technique "helps" you, that very
technique can land you on your roof.  By the same definition of the torsen
presented earlier.

For Gen IV and Gen V, I think we can get there, and I don't think it's any
prettier, just more electronic attempts to "help" you.  The center torsen has
it's limitations, I suppose we could argue that EDL raises them.  We could
say, hey, as you add power up slide, the EDL will regulate the rear axle to
only spin as fast as the front.  Or does it see slip as a front traction loss
(IMO), and slows the front.   I might further propose that electronic
intervention of traction, given a "fooled" torsen, might be adding more fuel
to a leeward fire that might already be red hot.

My .02

Scott Justusson