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Got Brakes?

I tried sending this from home, but it never made it.

Boulder, Colorado (AP), a man was recently seen grinning from ear to ear
with a set of Big Fat Red Brakes in his hands.

Well, I recently amassed all of the parts to convert the front of the S4
('93) to 911 twin turbo front brakes. I can't even describe how unbelievably
gorgeous these things are.

The calipers are huge, bigger even than the size of some list members egos,
specs, approx.., as follows:

Length     11.75"
Width        6.50"
Height       3.50"

4 pistons (staggered diameters to reduce tapered pad wear), and a very slick
spring tension system to keep the pads in place.

The rotors are vented Coleman units, with directional vanes and

Diameter    13.00"
Thickness    1.25"

With 4 stainless steel braided teflon brake lines, a brake proportioning
valve, 7075 aluminum mounting hats (anodized black), 7075 caliper mounting
adapters (anodized black), and aircraft quality mounting hardware to make it
complete. The only things I am waiting for is 2 cans of ATE super blue brake
fluid from GPR, as well as front & rear pads. I'm thinking of going with the
KVR carbon units that have been recommended on the list, if they offer an
application for the 993 twin turbo caliper. The rears will get similar pads
and cross drilled factory rotors.

If you can figure out a way to swing this mod (both from a financial as well
as fitment perspective) you owe it to yourselves to do it. I'm like a kid at
X-mas, the set up looks so good I should get an extra caliper to use as a
center piece on my coffee table!

Oh well, I'm going to go and drool over these some more.
If you have ever laughed uncontrollably because the car you were driving was
neck snappingly fast,
If you never use the AC because it slows your car down,
If you turn your head at the sound of a nice exhaust,
If you have ever wanted to use construction cones along the freeway as your
own personal slalom course, you know what I'm talking about.

Of course I still need to obtain 17" wheels & tires before I can bolt the
brakes on, and I'm pretty sure I'll end up going with TSW Trophies 17 X 8's.
40 mm offset, shod w/ Expedia S-02's 245/40-17's. As previously mentioned I
will document before and after performance figures (60 to 0 braking 
distances, as well as lateral acceleration) with my gtechpro.