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Re: "Gross polluter" '91 200Q -- help!

     If the new plugs don't help there is another adjustment that worked 
     for me.  I had to get my '87 5kSQ w ~175k miles emissions tested for 
     the first time when I moved to Massachusetts (very similar standard to 
     CA I think).  I had just done new plugs, wire, cap, etc and had heavy 
     oil, original O2 sensor though.  When hooked up to the sniffer the CO 
     and HC were high.  The mechanic then adjusted the screw embedded in 
     the fuel injection system next to the fuel distributer. (somebody help 
     me with the name here).  This caused an immediate drop in the 
     emissions to well within the legal limit and I was passed.  There was 
     a thread on this recently so maybe someone can give you a reference in 
     the archives.  The adjustment screw is probably under a metal plug 
     that must be drilled out to gain access.  The adjustment is also very 
     sensitive so make sure you or the mechanic know how this should be 
     done.  I have noticed no bad side effects of this adjustment in the 
     past few months.
     good luck
     Patrick Kelly
     '87 5kSQ
     On Mon, 02 Mar 1998 10:35:12 -0800 Arun Rao <rao@pixar.com> writes:
     >Took my car in today for the biennial smog check (California). Bad 
     >the guy says the car's a gross polluter, and won't pass. He didn't 
     >entire test, because he would have to report it to the DMV if he did. 
     >suggested I have the car looked at right away .. the HC and CO levels
     >both extremely high.
     >Any one had a similar experience?  Car's running like a top, except 
     >occasional hard starting (10 cranks instead of 3) when cold. No idle
     >But .. I haven't replaced the O2 sensor in 35,000 miles, and the 
     >probably still original (they looked fine, though).  The car has 73K 
     >Thanks in advance!
     >Arun Rao
     >Pixar Animation Studios
     >Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
     >(510) 620-3526