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Re: 90 durability (Was: Audi crash: split into 3 sections?)

The 90 is a very safe car. Unless you tackle a pizza shop at 75mph. The way
this car, and most Audis are designed, is that the engine takes head on
impact and knocks the front subframe off of it's mounts sending the impact
force down below the firewall and away from the passenger compartment. I've
seen it up close after the fact in an 88 90s FWD. It works pretty well. The
only drawback it that the engine breaks & damages the firewall making the
car a total loss.


Elliott Potter wrote:

> > Yeah, I saw this on the news the other night.  It was a 90. The whole
> > rear section of the ar was in one place, the rest of the car was
> > somewhere else.
> [...]
> > ...trunk and most of rear seat left at a
> > telephone pole, mid-section splayed about,
> > front end landed 50 feet away in a Pizza
> > Shop dining room...passenger dead, driver
> > critical....
> You know, I'm starting to worry a little about this--I've always thought
> of my 90 as a pretty durable car that could take being tossed around
> pretty well.  *I* certainly toss it around, and it takes it pretty
> well!
> About a year ago there was something about a bunch of 90s with
> cracked/broken subframes, but I didn't think much of it.
> But 3 pieces?  I mean just how fast was this kid going, anyway?!
> The 90 strikes me as a pretty hefty car, but I think I'm going to be a
> little more careful now.......
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> Elliott
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