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Re: V8Q--Warm start idle problem

Mike Kerrigan wrote:
> 90 V8Q with 93k. If outside temp at least 50 degrees and engine warm,
> the engine will not hold idle rpm's and stalls. If gas pedal slightly
> depressed, after about 30 seconds or so "something: kicks in and idle
> becomes solid at about 700-800rpm. Problem never occurs when engine
> cold  and never occurs when outside temp below about 50f.
>    Problem started after dealer replaced timing and serpentine belts.
> Dealer has checked for faults seversl times, but none indicated. Dealer
> says it can't be improperly installed timing belt because engine would
> not run at all. Is this correct?Is anything disconnected during belt
> replacement which may not have boon reconnected? (I haven't noticed
> anything).
>    In the interim, I have replaced spark plugs and O2 sensor, but no
> improvement. Dealer suggests that idle air valve or idle stabilizer
> could be at fault. Also, I noticed some postings a couple of months ago
> concerning default modes ( associated with the O2 sensor )being
> determined by coolant temperature levels. I would greatly appreciate any
> thoughts--thanks.
> 90 V8Q
> 85 911
> MZ
Mike I just went through something like this.I bought my 90 V8 about six
months ago,with no books or records the first order of bussiness
was to replace the timing belt.After about A week with no progress I
called and spoke with the tech working on my car.He told me that the V8
requires a number of special tools to correctly time the cams.The main
tools are cam locks that fit on the back of the heads after removal of
the distributers {sp?}.It turns out that this garage had worked on V8's
before but had never done A timing belt,and did not have this tool.After
A call to the local Audi dealer we learned that they didn't have it
either!Not even in the service department!It appears that they were
"eye-balling" cam timing.Prior to calling around for the locks the tech
tried to "eye-ball" my car.The important thing is that it WOULD RUN but
had a miss hot or cold.After everything was done correctly it ran fine.
Any questions E-mail me directly and i'll give you my phone number.