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Gunson CO2 meters, Air intake sensor

Hi Gerard,

IMHO The Gunson meter should give you a fair indication of what is 
happening with the CO2, I know people who swear by it. I have seen 
another one that settles much faster and responds much quicker, the 
owner told me that it operates using  infra red, sounds like that   
should be more accurate, also costs a bit more.

I have opened a Gunson, and it appears that it uses a heated wire 
bridge that compares the intake gas with a closed off reference. It 
has to warm up for abt. 15 mins before measuring.

Measuring mixture setting whilst driving?

That brings up a question, what would be a good way of measuring 
mixture setting whilst driving? (Our cars were not equipped with a lambda 
sensor and mixture setting makes a huge difference in the car's performance.) 
Charles Probst talks about measuring gas temperature in the 

Air intake sensor 

 I had our local Audi dealer destroy my connections, 
which resulted in the appropriate Engine check light 
appearing at about 2000 - 3000 rpm. I removed the remnants of the 
connectors, stripped the wire about 1 cm, tinned the wire and 
terminals (not too much heat, the mounting is plastic) and soldered 
the bits toghether. With a bit of strain relief, the connection has 
worked well so-far.

You might want to solder spade connectors onto the wires.

Renier Meyer
89 200T Durban South Africa.