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86 5kcstq manifold/sale?

I think I have been bitten with a slightly different version of the manifold 
cracking/stud breaking problem.  When I look at the front end of the manifold, Ican see part of the exhaust port.  And I thought that the previous exhaust leak
sounded bad!!

So I'm looking/hoping that someone has one of the two piece manifolds available.

Or if someone wants a 5kcstq with a lot of new parts??  (I think my parts list
in the last 1 1/2 yr and 9k miles beats out that 4k horror story that was aroundlast month, but no need to start that thread).  I could use a pickup now that I am working on the house.
 Charcoal gray metallic
     Black leather interior
     129,000 miles
     Power locks and windows
     Power Sun Roof (not working)
     AM/FM Cassette (not working)
     Cold weather pkg
     New water pump, radiator, upper and lower hoses
     New timing belt, idler pulley
     New rear brakes, rotors, emergency brake cables 
     New front CV joints
     New right rear CV joint and bearing
     New electric auxilary water pump
     New starter
     New correct battery
     New distributor electronics
     New front window motors
     New blower motor
     New clutch slave and master cylinder
     New alternator