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timing belt questions

In message <19980303203819.24633.rocketmail@web1.rocketmail.com> Richard J Lebens writes:

> 2. I recall the 2079 torque adapter discussions.  I think the Bentley
> says 258 ft lbs.  to the adapter.  How long is the adapter and what is
> the direct torque I should apply to the bolt?  Is this an acceptable
> way to do this?  How has everyone done this?  This is really fishing
> for a do I need this tool.  Can I borrow a  inch drive torque wrench
> and apply this 500 - 600 ft lbs. torque to the bolt?

450 Nm.  332 lb ft.

> What size is the bolt?

27mm.  Use 3/4" drive.

> The Bentley doesn't say to buy a new bolt.  Is this correct?

Audi documents also don't mention a new bolt.

> What do I apply to the bolt on reinstallation?

An anti-corrosion compound.

> 4. What about the water pump?  If you don't plan to replace it do you
> have to move it?

You _do_ plan to replace it.

> 5. I wasn't planning on removing the idler pulley, is there a reason to?

Yup.  So you can fit a new one.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club