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Re: Don't go there

At 11:09 AM 3/2/98 -0500, QSHIPQ wrote:
>Torsen is a dumb device, it senses traction only.  In Center form it doesn't
>sense ANYTHING else.  That is it's exact limitation.  Look right at my
>analysis of Page 10 of the Torsen article.  Please, someone help me read the
>whole Center Torsen issue another way.

I was away for a bit and am reading through all the posts from the past
weekend.  One thing confuses me here...

It's not clear what a torsen senses.  Some claim that it senses traction,
as above.  While others claim it senses differences in rotational speeds.
And as it's been pointed out, a difference in rotational speed is not
necessarily a difference in traction.  So which is it??

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