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re:ABS in Reverse

Wolff wrote:
The reason I asked the question in the first place, was that mine
definately did not work once. I was backing down hill on ice very slowly
and hit the brakes. All four wheels locked up and slid. Maybe if you are
going slowly enough, the ABS doesn't come on as it thinks the car is at
rest. It did work great going forward, but I was always going faster
when I applied the brakes. I wish I had done further testing while I was
in the snow.

I've noticed ABS in reverse numerous times whilst backing down my
driveway, as said driveway often has its coefficient of friction affected by
mother nature in the form of snow. As it is snowing once again, I'll pay
attention and see if there are instances when it doesn't activate.

91 200q

P.S. Just thought I'd mention that the mayor of my little burg drives a
Hoppenized S-6.

P.P.S. OTOH, Bill, Hill, Chelsea & Secret Service types all traveled via
Suburban when they were here over the weekend. Guess they can't fit enough
Uzis into quattros!