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Re: 85 5kst Central Locking Woes

On Tue, 03 Mar 1998 Patrick K. Eades writes:

> Hello Audi Enthusiast and not so enthused lately,
> My doors are locking up just fine!  It is the unlocking that becomes a
> problem.
> I can hear the motor under the seat when locking and all the locks will
> lock.  I go to unlock and nothing happens.  Anybody have any ideas?
Before tearing the door apart, check for 12v at the bipressure pump 
connector.  Lock has 12V applied on one side, unlock has 12V 
applied to the other side (like a flip flop), the center brown wire 
is, as always, ground.  The switch in the door looks essentially like 
the other blue VDO vacuum actuators except w/ a 3 plug connector. It 
is mechanically connected directly to the lock plunger.  

I have never seen one of these switches to fail in the manner in 
which you describe.  The pumps, yes.  I've sucessfully destroyed 
a pump trying to figure out what was wrong .... now  I 
just replace them if they break.  In my limited experience any VDO 
or Hella bipressure pump will have the same connector and operation - 
They do vary in external dimensions.  I've interchanged Quantum, 4K 
and  5K pumps successfully.  I've never paid more than $20 for one 
... they are a dime a dozen at any yard that has ferr'in cars.  Seems 
all 80's 4Ks, 5Ks and most Quantums US import had P/L.

Any other thoughts out there.

Peter Gotseff