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Re: 4kq idiot light thing

> I found nothing
> in the Bently about the sensor, and haven't done much more than investigate
> the idea of removing it/cutting the damn wires

cutting wires won't help - most of the sensors act as variable resistors
to ground, and you probably have broken wires/bad connections.  This
turns the variable resistance into infinity (or thereabouts, ask Steve
Hawking, is he on the list?  <bad joke apology>) and screws up the
action of the monitoring device.

Coolant sensor, huh?  I know there's one on the back of the head of my
coupe.  Thought it was an oil pressure sender until I got green stuff
all over the place...  I think that's the one that drives the idiot
light.  The gauge sensor is up front on the top left of the block.  The
one that runs the fan is on the radiator bottom.  The one that arms the
SAM's is, oh never mind, optional equipment.

Huw Powell


'82 (+/-) Audi Coupe & more coffee please