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4ksq cooling fan quirk and other miscellaneous ramblings

Hi all!  Another somewhat small and trivial quattro quirk/question.  Just
curious; should my cooling fan stay on even after the ignition is switched
off.  On my prior V.W.'s it stayed on to cool the engine even after the car
was shut off.  On this car however, the fan goes off when I shut the car
off, and I have never heard it come on when the car is hot and just shut
    Oh, just for clarification- all these posts about hammering bushings.
Are they referring to anti-sway bar bushings?  I was thinking about
replacing these w/ polyurethane bushings to increase lateral rigidity.  Do
these have to be hammered on/old ones off?
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Thomas C.  Turse
854ksq  139,000