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WAS: "Re: "pulling" trunk codes" Now: _______

Jouko says:  ". . . lift the rear wheels up and rotate a wheel by hand."

I say:  

My mech. did this a while ago and the left tire turned one direction and the
right turned in the opposite.  The car is a 1990 Coupe quattro 20v.  He said
that this is normal for all the q-cars he has dealt with (nearly all but the
A-series).  If one is going CW, the other is going C-CW.  I'm going with to
say that is has the following setup:  Open/Torsen/Open(lockable).  Unless Audi
bothered to make LSD for certain markets, assume if you can lock it, it's an
open diff.  And yes, I have had a run in with the Spider, but have narrowed it
down to (drum roll please):  My fault due to inexperience with the car.

-Eric Ferguson

PS:  Torsen cars take more finesse to drive (in my humble opinion), if you can
tame the beast, YEA!!.  If not, don't push the car to the point of no return
(unless a tow truck is handy).