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90q turbo conversion?

Hey y'all:
I've seen a lot posts recently about dropping (easier said than done, right 
Pat?) a turbo engine in a 4kcsq, but has anyone ever put one in a 90q?  
Vintage '88 or '89?

Any reasons for or against would be appreciated.  Would the turbo be more 
realized in the 90 becuase of the lower Cd?  also i'd assume the handling 
would need to be improved a little more because in stock form the 90 
isn't as "tossable" as the 4kcsq (well, pizza huts excluded).  Or is the 
reason because the engine compartment on the 90q is tighter than in the 

Just thinking of a fun summer project.

Bryan Bowen
Elon College, NC
International Business Major/Spanish Minor
Graduate in May '98--Looking for a Career

'86 CGT Comm. Ed. 168k (Gone, but not forgotten!)
'93 Explorer 4x4 78k (close but no Q!)
Looking for an '88-89 90q or an '86-'87 4kcsq as a toy!