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Re: Torsen thread future

>>> Jeffrey J. Goggin <audidudi@mindspring.com> 03/03/98 09:11PM >>>

>>>I'm puzzled why everything thinks the goal of
this thread is to come up with winners and losers?  I think the Torsen
diff is great for what it is and my goal in exploring its hows and
whys is to
figure out whether it can be made to work better still for my

I don't necessarily disagree with you.  I am not trying to pick a
winner here.  What I am trying to discuss though, is how *most* of the
problems with torsen stated so far are INDUCED by the driver, and then
the driver says damn, look at that.  My point has been, drivers can
induce many things in vehicles of all types.  The gyro aspect of a
bike---it will bite you;  The rollover ability of a high [subjective
term] center of gravity--it will bite you; on and on.

Can the torsen be "tricked"?  Apparently, by some.  Will driving
*with* the conditions make it bite?  Only if getting it to bite is
your goal.  I mean, come on.  Controlled power slides?  Rear wheels
losing all traction [not touching this one--did I say impossible if
they are on the ground?], while the front is pulling?  Setting the car
up for a turn through questionable speed and braking?  These may be
things that test pilots do, or you do for fun, but I have driven under
most conditions, on most surfaces, and you know what?  Each and every
time I did a monster 4 wheel drift / power slide, I did it on purpose,
through braking, acceleration and steering inputs.  Can it happen in
real life, just out of the blue? Maybe in some avoidance technique,
but the odds would be very, very low.   

>>>Some people are happy with stock boost<<<

Who??? :)