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Re: Bilstein

Polidori1 wrote:

> Can't seem to find the correct part numbers for Bilstein struts/shocks for an
> '86 5KTQ.  Anyone out there know what they are?


I hate to be a killjoy, (and I'm hoping that someone can prove me wrong)
but I don't think there is a Bilstein application for that partictular

Ken of Susquehanna Motorsports has his complete (and very) current
Bilstein parts index with part numbers out on the web at
http://catalog.com/susq/b-fr.htm and it doesn't show anything for that

But, 4kq owners take note!  Bilstein has re-introduced both the HD and
the Sport models of their struts for this car!  This just happened
recently as Ken sent our NWAQC webmaster a note a couple of weeks ago
when the site was updated.



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