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Re: "Gross polluter" '91 200Q -- help!

>      oil, original O2 sensor though.  When hooked up to the sniffer the CO
>      and HC were high.  The mechanic then adjusted the screw embedded in
>      the fuel injection system next to the fuel distributer. 

I'm sure that Arun already knows that his '91 200 tq has Motronic fuel
injection. You won't find that mixture screw in that car. (You will find
it on millions of VW's and Audis with CIS injection though). Of course
the plus side of Arun's Motronic is that it happens to be fitted to a
DOHC 20v motor mit supercharging that makes for lot's of forward
acceleration even in stock form. :) Now if the law would just let him
run it...
'91 200 tq