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timing belt questions

>1. I have the Bentley and am planning to buy the 2084 and 2079 tools
>from Zelenda.  Is there a better source?
baum tools has 2084 for $75 and 2079 for $84.

>2. I recall the 2079 torque adapter discussions.  I think the Bentley
>says 258 ft lbs.  to the adapter.  How long is the adapter and what is
>the direct torque I should apply to the bolt?
it's effectively 12 inches.  the correct torque at the bolt is 332 ft-lbs.

>  Is this an acceptable way to do this?

>  How has everyone done this?
i used the tools

>  This is really fishing for a do I need this tool.
you can work around both tools.
there are other ways to locks the crank (stick bolt into bell housing
and through flywheel)

>  Can I borrow a  inch drive torque wrench
>and apply this 500 - 600 ft lbs. torque to the bolt?

>  What size is the bolt?
i believe it's a 27mm head.

>  The Bentley doesn't say to buy a new bolt.  Is this correct?

>What do I apply to the bolt on reinstallation?
(permatex, loctite or other)  anti sieze compound

>4. What about the water pump?  If you don't plan to replace it do you
>have to move it?  Does this compromise any seals-are there any o-rings
>I have to replace?
don't waste your time doing this job unless you replace the water pump
as well.  there should be an oring seal included.  if the groove has
been enlarged it should be marked and you should be provided with a
1mm larger oring.  also replace the thermostat and its oring while you
are in there.

>5. I wasn't planning on removing the idler pulley, is there a reason to?
not sure what the 20v idler pulley situation is, but you would do best to
replace that (those?) as well...


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