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I think that this is the key to sloving Boris' tricks.  What does a fully
equipped type 44 car weigh in the US of A?  I seem to recall the weights are
significant...  Those boat anchor bumpers will not aid you in this depīt
until you visit the woods.

My A4 might seem like a light weight - no A/C, no rear p/w, no sunroof, no
leather, etc.  Let's get clopser to solving this by getting some true
weights and weight distributions with driver and 1/2 tank of fuel...

Jouko Haapanen

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Date: 4. maaliskuuta 1998 06:02

>jouko sez:
>> a number of concerns to do with wheelbase,
>>polar moment, weight etc.
>>  They all agreed that chassis
>>geometry and dynamics were an integral part of the driveability (as we all
>>do) but with similar drivetrains tested, the Urq and the 200q rally cars
>>behaved unlike expected.  Somebody made a comment regarding static
>>assumptions based purely on wheelbase having been thrown out the window...
>this is something i have wanted to bring up for a while, but the
>discussion has been too noisy so far.  the only btdt arguing against the
>boris affect are urq owners.  one of these guys has to try his moves in
>a type 44 with torsen.  until the same guy on the same track can test
>this it's apples and oranges.  btw i'm sure the extra 30-40 lbs of
>bumper on each end of a us spec type 44 is not insignificant when
>polar moments...
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