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Re: Rear muffler for 82-82 qtC

Douglas Hurst Quebbeman wrote:
> Here's a question I bet Ti Kan can answer: What exactly became
> of NSU technology. When (VW-owned) Audi-NSU-Auto Union AG
> became Audi AG, was that only a change of the corporate name?

I believe the Wankel rotary engine design was licensed to Mazda.
NSU (by this time under VW-Audi ownership) had ceased further
development on the rotary.  It took Mazda many years hence to
tackle the problem of rotor tip wear problems, and they never
fully solved the problem of relatively higher fuel consumption,
even in the latest RX-7.

The 1985 changeover from "Audi NSU Auto Union AG" to just "Audi AG" was
essentially a name change only.  However, to preserve the heritage
of Auto Union and NSU, separate "Auto Union GmbH" and "NSU GmbH"
subsidiary companies were also established to ensure that the traditional
names remain legally protected.

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