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Redline tranny oil revisited; new search engine

To:   quattro
Hi all,
I just tried out the new search engine. I like it compared to the old, but
I'm a nitpicker and I like the ability to pick and choose individual
messages. IMO, the nicest feature of the current new engine is the bolded
keywords found in the text blurb associated with the archive file header
summary. All-in-all, it looks good, Dan.

So, what was I searching on? "Redline" and "transmission". My manual tranny
fluid is being changed out on Friday morning and I'm thinking about using
Redline  MT-90. Anyone have a '92+ 5-speed running Redline MT-90? My faux
pas, I forgot to bring in my owner's manual this morning so I don't
remember if I need a GL-4 tranny fluid, or a GL-5 (which would mean nogo on
the MT-90, it's a GL-4). Anyone feel like showing off and telling me? My
Alldata disc shows "Synthetic transmission oil G50 SAE 75W90)