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FW: The correct answer (S6 wheels)

Peter, and others, replied to my question on 1995 S6 wheel specs.  His
appears below.  I verified that my S6 Avant (1995.5) has the 6 spoke
16x7.5 AVUS 
w/ 37mm offset...

Thanks to all that replied,

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> Subject:	The correct answer (S6 wheels)
> There were three stock wheels available for the S6 in the United
> States:
> 15x7.5" six spoke (4A0.601.025.D wheel, 4A0.601.165.A.7ZC cap) 40mm
> offset
> (5x112)
> 16x8" five spoke (4A0.601.025.E wheel, 4A0.601.165.7ZC cap) 40mm
> offset
> (5x112)
> 16x7.5" six spoke AVUS design (895.601.025.M wheel, 895.601.165.Z17
> cap)
> 37mm offset (5x112)
> The 16x8" was only up to 1995 or so, the 16x7.5" was for some 1995's
> and
> all 1995.5's.
> The 15x7.5" was the no cost optional alloy setup for a more luxurious
> ride
> (not sure of which years).