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Geo Metro

>It's why I drive German iron, and especially why Angela does.
>Her Geo Metro folded up at 25MPH, damaging her permanently.
>Now she drives something that will protect her. The insurance
>company can buy me a new car. Who will buy me a new wife?
>- -- 
>Andrew L. Duane 
>Only my cat shares my opinions, and she's too heavy to care.

Interesting datapoint here - recent visit to local u-pull-it parts yard
here in Florida demonstrated unusually high numbers of (actually row upon
row) of yes, late model Geo Metros, all crashed in exactly the same way:

	Front end demolished almost to windsheild, both airbags blown, car totaled.

Possible conclusions: Geo drivers in Florida a) drive like maniacs, or b)
Geos have crappy brakes, or c) both.

You tell me.

Another interesting sight (this is for you, Phil), was a '95 or so Lebaron
coupe which had hit a pole, _really_ hard, exactly dead center - except
BACKWARDS!!!! Pole-print perfectly visible, half round, smooth, all the way
up to the unbroken rear window, tail lights looking directly at each other,
perfectly cross-eyed. Absolutely perfect shot - dead center.

How do people DO this stuff?

I did, however, get a practically new (OEM Audi) stainless steel muffler
from an 89 100, which exactly fits my 86 5 ks - $14.95, plus tax.
Seriously, it is absolutely like new - it might have been a week old when
the car was wrecked. The clamp bolts weren't even rusty.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman