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4KCSQ in accident

Well, I have been using and posting to this list for five years now, and
now the sad story arrives.  While out of the country for a while I loaned=
my car to a buddy of mine who is going through a seperation with his
wife==2E =

Long story short - he wrecked it.  To my understanding he says left side
front and rear suspension seems pretty tweaked.  Front left corner panel
bent in.  Doesn't know about structural damage yet.
I let him take the car to San Francisco, so that is where it is, actually=
Palo Alto.Here come the questions for you guys.
Insurance says that it is a right-off.  They will pay out 3K less 250 in
'salvage value'  I don't even like to say the word salvage value.  I know=
the market prices of these cars are pretty low, with the exception of a
select few.  =
This 86 4KCSQ is white with the red leather, I had put new 15" TSV Evos
with D40M2 Dunlaps on it last winter.  New boge turbo gas and eibach spor=t
kit springs at all four corners.  Just had a tune up and the car was
running great.  Oil pressure strong, clutch strong, engine strong, 125K
miles only on the original engine.
This car had never been in an accident and the body was in perfect
condtion, even the seats are in great condition.  Everything works great
this car.
My question is, what do I do with it now.  I am sure that I could part ou=t
the car, I would love for something like this to have a home as a donor
other 4KQ.  =
What has been you experience getting repairs done to suspension?  Is it
really difficult now to get parts and such for the susp?
Can someone recomend a good mechanic for such a car in the Palo Alto,
mountain view area who might be able to take a look at it and give me an
estimate?  =Any suggestions or insight during this difficult time would be