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Re: Torsen + EDL

QSHIPQ writes:
>To the computer, the rear driveshaft is spinning faster than the
>front, so does EDL interpret that as the rears with more traction 
>and slow the front (IMO), or does EDL interpret that as slip angle? 
>How's it do the latter?

You didn't understand my statement. Let's try again.
I _think_ (somebody correct me if I'm wrong) that EDL works as 
two separate systems: one front EDL, and one rear EDL. All it sees 
is differences between left and right wheel speed at one end of the 
car (front or rear). If EDL was looking at the bigger picture (trying 
to balance wheel speeds left to right, front to rear, and corner to 
corner) then there would be no need for the TORSEN center. It 
would be redundant. 

>By the same definition of a torsen center, as soon asyou turn, slip 
>angle to the torsen becomes a variable.  INTERPRETED as a 
>traction.  That's the problem.  4 Wheel EDL doesn't change that.  

Maybe not, but 2 wheel EDL will affect which wheel on the front 
gets the torque and which one on the back gets torque. By effectively 
locking the front and/or rear diffs when spin-up occurs, EDL 
definitely changes how the TORSEN reacts in your "bite" scenario. I 
realize you wanted to hold off on the EDL discussion until the gen II 
was sorted out, so we don't have to go any further into this. I'd still 
like to know what Boris does when the rear diff is locked on the 
gen II, though.

BTW, as for the TORSEN extrapolating traction from driveshaft 
speed, I'm not convinced. The Gleason tech paper seems to imply 
that it's reacting to frictional resistance rather than speed 
differences. I could be wrong, though. Maybe one of our MEs 
should have a chat with them?

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN