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Results - Deer & A4

Well folks thanks for all your wishes concerning the wife - she's stiff but
just fine.
At 11:10 am EDT today, we received final judgement on the car.  Adjuster
said there was too much damage to warrant repair.

1.0 Deer Damage
Windshield, pass & rear window
Pass. seat & rear seat
Roof & pass side roof support
Headliner & dash
One frozen deer in car

2.0 Culvert Damage
Front suspension
Rad, manifold & exhaust
Engine - said it looked like its' split open
Transmission & drive train
Plus extensive exterior front and pass side damage
He also questioned the structural integrity of the car due to impact

Wife and I are going to Toronto this afternoon to find a replacement - even
though we had some problems with the car I might actually go for another
A4, although the wife thinks she can talk me into the A6.  Ladies &
Gentlemen - time to place your bets.