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RE: FS:91CQ in Cleveland - checking it out

After that "firesale" 91 200Q was snapped up I was bummed - imagine this 91 Coupe popping up here in Cleveland the next day!? I'm going to check this car out in an hour.  Talked to the owner last night and it sounds good so far.  Turns out he uses my mechanic (Smith's Import Specialties) at least sporadically (sp?) so the car is a somewhat known quantity.  Chris (may mechanic..) says he remembers the car as being "okay..." Hmm...

Stay tuned for more after my drive, and my mechanic's inspection...

David Via
Silver Lake, OH

Currently driving '94 Audi Cabriolet (For Sale!)
Seeking to replace with - '91 200Q or '91 CQ (leaning toward the Coupe...)
Maybe a Quattro owner again by the end of the day??