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RE: Re: bentley manual 90q/80

The best price I've found so far is $101.46 US ($144.23 CDN) plus
shipping at Amazon.com.  Here is the link to the 80/90q book:

or you can just go to http://www.amazon.com and search on audi.
chris perry
89 90q

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>Thanks for the info... but up here in Toronto the Canadian dollar Trades   
>at 1.4215US. which still puts your price back in the general area of what   
>I've been quoted. However do you have a web page? Because you still might   
>have stuff that's cheaper than up here.
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>>Does anybody have a used bentley manual (or reasonable facsimile)
>>covering the 90q (1988 model year) for sale? I think its ridiculous what   
>>they sell for.
>Yes, it is a bit high. I have new ones for $115.00 in case that's any   
>than you've been quoted. the book is about 1800 pages if I recall
>Hope this helps,
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