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89 100 ISV Diagnosis

Idle Stabilizer Valve diagnosis

> The Facts:
> 89 Audi 100
> Requires my foot on the accelerator all the time to keep the engine
> running.
> Read the list until I suspected the ISV
> No Fault Codes
> Applied approx. 12 volts to ISV.  Didn't make a sound.
> Voltage testing of ISV's circuit showed 12 - 13.5 Volts
> Attempted to clean it up with Carb Cleaner.  It still appears frozen.
> I tried a bit of prying (against the recommendations of many) to get
> it to move.  No Joy.
> The local junk yard will sell me one for $50.00 and tax.
> The questions:
> Based on the above I'm pretty sure my problem is the ISV and I'm
> pretty sure I've done all I can to bring it back to life.  
> 1. Have I done all that I could / should to diagnose my problem?
> 2. Is there anything else I could do to bring the ISV back to life?
> 3. Have I forgotten to ask any other relevant questions? (catch all
> plea for help)
> Thanks in advance,
> David Powell