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Re: NO Clutch Moves - Thanks anyway


I should have made my correction to my first post in this series before I
hit send - again: do NOT attempt this with clutch usage...


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Date: 4. maaliskuuta 1998 16:56
Subject: Re: NO Clutch Moves - Thanks anyway

>In a message dated 98-03-03 16:28:18 EST, you write:
>>qualude taken - let's all drive and enjoy our cars...they are still OK
> >Torsen or no Torsen.
>no argument from me.  Only sharing some of the dark side with some Jedi
>Knights of Torsens
> >Jouko
> >ps.  The corrected method of correction from extreme oversteer (over 90
> >worked for me after a lot of practice today.  Seems drastic - but if you
> >it - HAVE LOTS OF CLEAR RUNOFF - you will be using it for practice.  The
>> only dilemma seems to be the increasing radius four wheel drift that is
>> generated...
>  >>
>OR you hit a patch of pavement OR a rut OR dopped off the snow pavement
>gravel (list is long), and since you have no spinning wheel, you flip the
>on it's roof...  Ask some of the rallye guys, Jouko.  When I went to Rally
>school, we were taught to keep wheels spinning as you "drifted".  Why,
>you chances of flipping the car were reduced to almost nil (spinning wheels
>don't dig).  Your manuever here, is a form of a bail.  If things get all
>of whack, dump the clutch.  By physics, you haven't changed the character
>the car for acceleration, you just opted not to use the brake.  As soon as
>get back on the gas, within a 1/4 driveshaft rotation, you will have the
>'problem' you encounted before, only now, if your slip angle is high
>you have to reestablish forward rotation all together.  If you are more
>90 degrees, dumping the clutch will let the rear axle begin to rotate in
>REVERSE, and you could easily stall the car trying to reestablish forward
>rotation.   Sound risky?
>I would never advocate a sliding car to have anything but throttle.  To do
>otherwise is risking a hood roll, period.  Does it work?  I suppose you
>argue that.  I can argue that you better be real sure of what is under
>tires before you go ceasing forward rotation all together.  A rut is all it
>takes, btst.