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RE: Deer + A4 = W/O {long}

You may have been joking, I don't know, but you know that there are real
people that are thinking this exact same thing about airbags.  When you
RTFM you will see that the manufacturer clearly states that airbags are
a SUPPLEMENTARY restraint system ... that is what SRS stands for.  The
airbags are intended to be used WITH seat belts to provide additional
protection for the driver and front seat passenger (and whatever sides
there are aibags for ...).  It is funny to hear this, because it was the
placement of these explosive devices that allowed auto manufacturers to
do away with the automatic seat belts.

Whatever ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
... who wears seatbelts as a matter of course, and would much prefer
being able to buy a new Audi with Procon-Ten ...

BTW - I seriously doubt that airbag deployment is determined upon
whether or not the seatblet is connected ... I'd imagine that there's
some sort of weight activated switch that enables the passenger airbag
... Now they're talking about having sensors that determine the height
of the front seat passenger to figure out how much explosive force is
needed ...
> ----------
> > I was just reading my A4 brochure, and it indeicates that the
> > airbag system seems to be tied to the seatbelts. This seems
> > kinda dumb, but.....
> Geez, who needs seatbelts when you have so many airbags to protect
> you?