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RE: 4cyl timing belt question.

Yes, if you remove the Idler/tensioning pulley the belt will come right
off.  BTDT 4 times between 3 4ks's.
chris perry

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>Subject:	4cyl timing belt question.
>Hi all,
>OK, I just completed reading over the procedure for changing my cambelt
>(and idler) on the 1.8L I4 in my 86 4ks.  There seems to be a lot of
>babble in the doc about removing this gear and that, but frankly, it
>looks like just pulling off the idler (which I'm replacing anyway, why
>not for $14) should just allow the belt to slip on.
>Am I missing something that makes it harder than it appears?
>Thanks for any ideas or comments.
>"wanting to finish his Audi belts quickly because the Ducati is due
> for its wonderful 10k-mile belt change - ~$100 and lots of !@#$%^&*"