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Re: Redline tranny oil revisited; new search engine

Sean_Ford@idx.com wrote:
> To:   quattro
> Hi all,
> I just tried out the new search engine. I like it compared to the old, but
> I'm a nitpicker and I like the ability to pick and choose individual
> messages. IMO, the nicest feature of the current new engine is the bolded
> keywords found in the text blurb associated with the archive file header
> summary. All-in-all, it looks good, Dan.
> So, what was I searching on? "Redline" and "transmission". My manual tranny
> fluid is being changed out on Friday morning and I'm thinking about using
> Redline  MT-90. Anyone have a '92+ 5-speed running Redline MT-90? My faux
> pas, I forgot to bring in my owner's manual this morning so I don't
> remember if I need a GL-4 tranny fluid, or a GL-5 (which would mean nogo on
> the MT-90, it's a GL-4). Anyone feel like showing off and telling me? My
> Alldata disc shows "Synthetic transmission oil G50 SAE 75W90)

Thats a GL-4, so go ahead and use MT-90.
I use it in my 1990 Coupe.

1990 CQ