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Tiptronic in 96' A6

As good as the new A6 is, what would be the possability of putting in the
Trptronic tranny into to older A6.  My father has one that I would like to
buy in a couple years but it is an Auto.  I could put in a 6-speed unit
but think the Tiptronic would be much easier.  Anyone know what the real
differences are.
	Will the Tiptronic bolt right up, I would imagine so.  So then I
owuld need a new shifter as well.  Is that it or does it require computer
changes as well.
	Also, while I have been told that only the new 5-speed Tiptronic
has the adjusting memory tranny that matches your driving style, my Dad's
A6 seems to do so as well.  It is one of the last ones made I think.  WE
bought it new in October of 97' and I could swear the thing reads my mind
when it shifts.  

	If anyone knows the answer to these questions, please tell.


	Todd Phenneger   aka: Zarati
	1984 4000s quattro / New Red Paint
	2.5" Borla SS Exhaust  /  Boge Turbo Gas Shocks
	15" Wheels & 205/50 ZR15 Bridgestone RE-71s
	Considering a Turbo Conversion  :)