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Re: Digifant(be careful)

Be a little cautious and skeptical about using a Digifant. When it first
came out, an acquaintance at a VW dealership drove a Digifant-equipped Golf
test car for a year and worked with the VW factory development team to
refine it and work the bugs out so that the public wouldn't have to put up
with them. It was not very satisfactory.

They never really got the Digifant to the place where he was happy with the
system. This guy was a retired Mercedes dealership owner who was working
part time at the VW dealership just to get the health care benefits and
fill up his spare time after selling his dealership. He had spent the
better part of a lifetime running his own MB dealership, submerged in fine
German cars, and was very intelligent and honest about his opinions. He
drove a beautiful MB Coupe 380 SEL as his personal car at home.
Uncompromising in the German sense is a better characterization. Anyway, he
spent about a year working with the Digifant every day, and came away
saying unsatisfactory things about it that I remember and now relate to all
of you.

Take a long look at when it appeared in the VW line, and how long it was
retained before they used something else. And don't get one of the early

Doyt Echelberger
86 4kcsq
87 5kcstq   1.7 bar and smiling

At 06:07 PM 3/4/98 EDT, you wrote:
>This is RE: to motronic in a 4k 2.2. 
>	The idea had crossed my mind to put digifont from a VW GT in my 4KQ. 
>People have used digifont on 16V, but the chip must be changed.  For use
>in a 5cyl. you would have to have a custom fuel rail made.  Also you
>would have to put the F.I. & ignition harnesses in.  If you want to do
>this much you might as well put a 5K turbo into it.  I think motronic
>and digifont are about the same.  I ruled this out of my performance
>upgrade because of too many ifs.  Also the power gained would not be a
>whole lot.