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publications available


VOA #W42-007-875-1, from 1980, "Diesel Fuel Injection." Fifth edition,
course 4.06. It's a full-sized, 33-page publication on 4- and 5-cylinder
diesels. BTW, compression should be betwen 400-500 PSI! Free.

VWoA #W42-559-141-1, from 6-79 (June 1979?) "Audi 4000 Preliminary
Repair Information." VWoA Service Publication, 6-79. Schematics, bulb
replacment, body dims, O2 sensor, CIS data, etc. Free.

"VW & Audi Spezial." European car mag, text in German. Not much meat,
but some cool pics. Free.

'97 B&W Catalog (huge aftermarket unit). Some pretty crazy stuff from
the Continent. This is the edition with the two gals in black bikini
tops, and a Boxster, on the cover. Offer?

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PS Will generally go to first-come... and all that, unless I get a reply
in two days that says, "Omigod, I've looked for that d*mn diesel book
for eight years!"