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Hi Guys,

The gearbox mounting on my 200T collapsed (fluids leaked onto it and 
it went all soft). The agents cannot find me a replacement in the 
whole of South Africa, the response it that it might take weeks or 
months to get it.

Is there a replacement part from another Audi or anything else that I 
can use? I do not want to drive it like it is, as I get funny "klunk 
" noises from time to time.
The mounting is on the end of the frame supporting the engine and is 
attached near the left firewall. The gearbox mounts on there.

It is a rubber mount with a thick stud running through it. The metal 
one on the right hand side is fine and I can get hold of those very 

The part number I got from the agents is:
443-399-419A LD1.

Anyone who can help or suggest a suitable replacement? 


Renier Meyer
89 200T Durban South Africa.