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84' 4kq Vacuum leak

In message <Pine.HPP.3.96.980304190053.8788B-100000@harrier.csrv.uidaho.edu> Todd Phenneger writes:

> 	I posted a problem with this leak earlier.  I was told that the
> hose coming out from the connector between the #2 and #3 cylinders
> counting from the front is a fuel injector cooling hose.  Mine was leaking
> so I replaced it and it still leaks.  Is it possable that the fitting
> itself is leaking where it connects to the intake?  IF so, HOw do I FIX
> the dang thing.  It is very annoying as it causes the car to idle
> horribly but I really dont want to pull the intake off just to fix it.
> Anyone know.  

I'm confused.  The turbo cars have a hose from the inlet manifold (unthrottled) 
to the air jacket surrounding the injectors - I can't visualise what you mean 
on a non-turbo car.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club