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In message <c=NZ%a=_%p=CLANDNZ%l=CLWLG01-980305011501Z-5861@clwlg01.computerland.co.nz> David Eaton writes:

> ... to illustrate the point that the driver is a significant part of
> this whole "boris the spider" thread.

I have wondered for a few days whether the purpose of this discussion was to 
generate an authoritative post from one of us to the effect that this is a 
known problem with the type 44/TORSEN.

Such a post could then be shown to a spouse/insurance company to account for 
damage caused in some other way ...

Ain't gonna happen.  Roger Galvin and I had a long discussion overnight - long 
term listers may remember Roger and I running some demos back in the days of 
the great "5k vs. ur-quattro" debate.  Those demos were at night and on wet 
roads - Roger was very well aware of the limits of his car and how to exceed 
them.  We did, a number of times.  He, also, has never met this purported 
condition. We can't recreate it (unfortunately) because although Roger has two 
ur-quattros, a Coupe quattro and a V8Q - he no longer has a type 44. 

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club